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Hi, I'm Chris Pisani
I am a self-taught
Full Stack Developer

As from young age, I always had the passion for coding. I started coding in QBasic back in 1992, which at the time, was a state of the art IDE. Altough it was not meant to be used for professional use, it was a good starting point for a beginner at the time.

After that, there was a pause, until a few years ago, code really got to me again and starting doing a lot of research. It was very hard, as around the web, you find many bits and pieces, and takes a lot of time to put all things together.

I have mastered languages, frameworks and libraries which include HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, JQuery, PHP, MySql and Angular. Hosting companies made it much easier nowadays to host websites by means of cPanel and WHM.

Jazzo is being developed, to share all my knowledge that I have gathered throughout the years and pass it on to make someone's life easier.

I compare coding to painting, cause it involves a lot of imagination to create the code and positioning it in the right order. It can be taken for granted when you see a clean website, but it takes a lot of moving around and changing code to obtain good results. You will sometimes get days of coding 'wasted', because you do not like what you see.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you learn new things by navigating through our website.

Christopher Pisani Founder of jazzo.co.uk