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HTML <script>

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The HTML element <script> is used for the server-side client scripting language. The element can be used to write scripting language between the tags or point to an external javascript file. Javascript language is very convenient to manipulate information and validate forms dynamically without the need to refresh a web page, thus making a smoother user experience.

A simple javascript data manipulation with a click of a button
Changing HTML styled elements dynamically
Display a custom popup message
Button clicks count

Available Attributes

Attribute Values Functionality
async External file loads while the page is being loaded, without waiting for scripting file to fully load before loading the next document code (Asynchronously execution)
charset charset code The character encoding used in an external scripting file
defer External script file is executed only when the page is fully loaded.
src linked file The source of the scripting file
type application/javascript (default)
Look at IANA Media Types for a complete list
The type of scripting language