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HTML <meter>

query_builder | Christopher Pisani

The HTML element <meter> is used as a scale measurment or a static measurment. Altough it looks like the <progress> element, it should not be confused with it. To make things simple, use <meter> where you are showing a percentage of something that will not change and <progress> when something will change in it's value, like for example loading.

In the following example, you can see different values with the same element, to show the effects it produces. Note, that no CSS was used to change the colours of the guage.

Available Attributes

Attribute Values Functionality
form form id The id of the form associated with
high number The highest value in the guage
low number The lowest value in the guage
max number The maximum value range
min number The minimum value range
optimum number The optimal value for the range
value number Sets the value for the guage