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HTML <form>

query_builder | Christopher Pisani

The HTML element <form> is used to enclose user input data to be processed. Various type inputs, require the form function, to be addressed with the appropriate types when posting whether it is data or files.

'post' and 'get', what's this ?

When posting a form, two methods are available, the post and get methods.

When sensitive information, like a username and password, are entered in a website, the post method should be used for data not to be visible in the address bar and transferred securely to the back-end server for further processing.

On the other hand, the get method will display the information sent through the form and attaches it to the address bar.

An example when using the get method, the address bar link will look something like this "https://www.jazzo.co.uk?pageNumber=1". This will be easier for a user to share with another party.

Available Attributes

Attribute Values Functionality
accept-charset ASCII
Special character used when submitted
action URL The URL where the page will be processed
autocomplete on
Turns on or off autocomplete
enctype application/x-www-form-urlencoded
How form will be encrypted when method POST is used
method POST
HTTP method when submitting form
name text The form name
novalidate Whether or not to validate the form inputs
target _blank
Where response is displayed after submition