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HTML - Tags In Action

query_builder | Christopher Pisani

You can find a full list of tags in HTML >> HTML Tags & Elements using our menu. For the purpose of keeping things simple, we will look at the most used tags for this tutorial. Feel free to test the examples listed here, experiment with the code in our editor, to better understand how html works, before we head on to the next section.

The comment tag <!-- --> is very useful to make your code more readable for you, and for other developers, especially if the website is being developed by a group.
The hyperlink tag <a>, is used to direct users to other pages as can be seen in the following example, with multiple formats.
Paragraphs <p> tag is used to seperate chunks of text to make it more readable by users.
Bold text <b>, Italic <i> & Underlined <u> tags to highlight text.
Line break <br> tag to skip a line
The <button> tag can be used for multiple purposes, from forms to control scripts in javascript.
The <div> tag is a divider element that usually is used as a container for other elements
<form>, <input>,<label> & <textarea>tags
Heading <h1>-<h6> tags for titles
Horizontal line <hr> tag
Tables <table> tag
Unordered List <ul> tag